Austin Seven

The Lambda has just left for the European Grand Tour, previously the Bug emigrated to the US, the Lotus although still in the shed is destined for South Australia and I am now motorcycles-less. I have been left with a hole or three in the shed and time on my hands so if not to do the devil’s work a new project was needed. (although some would say an Austin Seven is the Devil’s work)
It seems that everyone I know has had an Austin Seven at one time or another although it must be said that usually it was when they were young, broke or both. However, when I started to drive in the early seventies a dearth of cheap under-powered motoring was no longer the Austin 7 but truly terrible cars that were not just under-powered but over weight as well.
So after winning a gruelling Ebay auction where apparently all sense of proportion and reason left me a 1935 Austin 7 Special has duly arrived at the Altona North Toll depot after its long trip from Darwin. Although none the worse for wear it certainly would not have made it under its own steam. A week or two later a long list has been compiled and I’m just starting to realise that the initial cost of the car may be the cheapest part.
The basics are good however it seems that the basics were built by one person who thought things through and the rest was thrown together by someone else.  So it needs to be un-thrown together and that is where I am now.   In a masochistic way the rectification is  proving to be quite satisfying.



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2 Responses to Austin Seven

  1. Geoff says:

    Oh dear oh dear… just hope your lanky frame fits into the available space!
    So no MG B as a stablemate?

    • Mark says:

      No the MG A was rendered redundant before it was employed, “Jobs and Growth” not here at Rokeby.

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