It looks like I bought the T in 2006 as an uncompleted restoration, the chassis was finished and the timber body frame started. Unfortunately the body was made to be not so squeezy in the front seat which meant standard panels did not fit so I started again and purchased a timber kit from the US and brought it back in my luggage.

Going through customs and quarantine was a bit of a problem as the kind officer insisted on pulling each piece of timber out of the box and inspecting it before moving onto the next so in the end I had jigsaw puzzle to solve as it would only back back in box the way it came out. Needless to say I failed so apart from umteen suitcases, boxes and bags we also had loose kindling to manhandle to the car park.

I have not been able to find many photos of the car during this time. However from the dates on the photos it only took a few months to get it on the road albeit not painted and I think we painted it the next year.

I have driven the T on many rallies the longest to Naracoorte  where the low tension magneto packed it in, however I still managed to get home on the battery. As an aside it appears that a piece of brass from the bands (Hard ones made of brake shoe material) had got jammed between one of the coils and earth so I did the trick with the compass and 3 12v car batteries and kabang it was blown out, hasn’t missed a beat since. Also I have replaced the bands with Kevlar as they do not shed conductive material.


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