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Strategise the Crank

Had a call from Colin this afternoon, he wanted me to come over and lay down some policy guidelines for the Crankshaft. The problem is, how long is a piece of string? Things we make are generally imperfect and what … Continue reading

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Too much choice

Fred Deusenberg originated hydraulic brakes on his 1914 racing cars, so says Wikipedia. Unfortunately Louis Coatalen had other things on his mind so stuck with mechanical brakes in 1925.  He also had so little faith in those new fangled front … Continue reading

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Dismantle and Pack

Yesterday I spent the good part of an hour making a tool that I used for 10 seconds. I needed a 1 ½”AF deep socket to remove the flywheel nut, luckily I had a spare ¾” drive Chinese one that was … Continue reading

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