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Covid fuel contamination

I took the Chummy for a run into Warragul today, first stop the petrol station, filled up then realised that I didn’t have a mask on as this car has not been used for months, bugger so paid and went … Continue reading

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None are so blind as those on 6v

Austin 7’s have a Lucas/CAV 6v generator that on a good day, going flat out will outup about 8 amps, so that’s 8 X 6 = 48 watts minus about 5 watts for the ignition so that leaves 43 watts, … Continue reading

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Shitty Weather great day

Today was one of those days that makes you appreciate your old car hobby.  I have spent most of the day in the shed working on the Chummy, relining the clutch and resealing the rear main bearing carrier.  This involved … Continue reading

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