Brain Engagement or Lack Thereof.

Last night the Lambda was used in anger for the first time in the VSCC Night Trial and for a 90 year old did very well indeed, it’s a pity the same could be said for the human occupants. Unfortunately we failed to read the instructions, something I usually think of as optional. In fact the first three items were a complete revelation to us as we had a 2009 Melways, had travelled on dirt roads and thought the control was where we started from (25km from the actual control). However we did have a lovely meal and were to bed earlier than if we had read the instructions.

20150215_143930_resize_20150215_144413 (1)

Just a note about the lights, during the Night Trial the 35W Halogens did very well, the voltmeter never dropped below 12.5 volts  so I can take my time with the Vac Tank.

On another subject I had to drill and tap the windscreen frame to fit some period (fake) mirrors last week and all was going well until the tap broke off in the last hole.  Trying to remove a broken tap or drill bit in relatively soft metal is a nightmare.  I did think of glueing a screw head on to pretend it didn’t happen but a momentary brain engagement saved the day.

20150215_140216_resize_20150215_141502 (1) This tool on the left was included in one of those “300 poorly made accessories for your Dremel” that Bunnings occasionally has in their chuck out bins.  So being a soft touch I had purchased one.  The tool in question is diamond coated so if you are prepared to stand still for an hour or so it will wear away that broken tap and you end up with an empty hole with a buggered thread , so giving you another opportunity to break off an even larger tap.

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2 Responses to Brain Engagement or Lack Thereof.

  1. Andrew says:

    I might just have done something remarkably similar on a Night Trial about ten years ago, but of course I am careful not to own up to things like that, just as Night Trial directors would never admit their instructions may have had some deficiencies.


  2. Mark says:

    We did enjoy it although next time I will bring Sue and Ruth (Colin’s Wife) to add some level heads to the process.

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