Sizaire Engine Out Final

Sizaire Naudin EngineAs can be seen, the engine is out although for a while there I had a bit of a déjà vu moment as originally the crane was at the front of the car, it took the strain so I knocked out the last bolts supporting the engine then realised that I was dropping the engine to the floor not lifting it but the crane could not go down as the radiator was in the way. Not quite as bad as the SM oil change fiasco.

Nothing like the right tools for the job, the engine is now resting on one of the ramps of the hoist jacked up to beSizaire Naudin Engine Flywheelnch height, hydraulics really are wonderful. Next problem is getting the 38mm nut holding the flywheel off, a deep socket and an impact wrench would be good so I may have to sacrifice one of my Chinese 3/4″ drive  sockets to the angle grinder and welding gods.


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