Dismantle and Pack

Yesterday I spent the good part of an hour making a tool that I used for 10 seconds. I needed a 1 ½”AF deep socket to remove the flywheel nut, luckily I had a spare ¾” drive Chinese one that was made of such crap metal that I could easily turn the square drive into a circle, then added a bit of gal pipe and a spare ½” drive socket for the top add some dodgy welds, the rattle gun and as I said the job was done in 10 seconds….at least I can use it to put it back on later. I will throw it in the box labeled “Special Tools”. However it will not stop me making one just same when I need to do this job again, I always forget to look in that box!

Having had this engine apart a couple of times now means it came apart very easily this time , whacking the flywheels with the copper mallet freed it from the crankshaft and later the big-end journal from the inner flywheel. This engine has effectively 3 flywheels and the ones inside are heavier than the one you can see in the pictureSizaire Engine dissmantled, in fact the engine looks like it should run on steam by the robustness of construction and therefore weight. The reason I have dismantled it into its component parts is so I can carry it. Never mind shaggers back this thing will hurt much more without the fun angle.

So today I have dropped the bits off and await Colin’s call so will have to pull something else apart while I wait.

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