Too much choice

Darracq brake lever

Top hole or Bottom hole that is the question

Fred Deusenberg originated hydraulic brakes on his 1914 racing cars, so says Wikipedia. Unfortunately Louis Coatalen had other things on his mind so stuck with mechanical brakes in 1925.  He also had so little faith in those new fangled front brakes that they are smaller the rears.

As you can see from the picture I have choices, this is the link from the brake pedal to a relay lever.  Under hard braking the pedal would hit the floor so I had to pick the top hole giving me less leverage.  There is another like this with 3 choices for the rear brakes, given that the rear brakes are 100mm larger should they be given more or less leverage?

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2 Responses to Too much choice

  1. Geoff says:

    Good luck with your choice … I’d be tempted to start with the centre ‘ole & see how it works out.

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