Stemming the flow

The Darracq has always leaked copious amounts of oil from the rear main, particularly after a good run usually depositing a 6 to 8 inch puddle on someone’s pristine driveway.
So today as I’ve already put one car off the road and the weather is a bit shitty I might as well disable another.
Darracq has Paris and London on the badge so the London part would explain the multitude of bolts holding on the sump and still not managing to stop the oil weeping out. Otherwise the sump came off easily and everything looks ok. The “slinger” is in good nick however I don’t know what the clearance is supposed to be between it and the sump/crankcase so will have to do a bit of research. Something that I could not see with the naked eye but shows in the photo is a bit of maybe gasket material in the groove between the slinger and the flywheel flange. Whatever it is didn’t work.
After consulting Andrew I might try a mod where I will drill a hole in the oil pan at the back of where the slinger bears diagonally into the sump to act as a drain.



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  1. Andrew and Frances McDougall says:

    From the photos it appears that some gasket material may have been scraping off a concentration of oil at mid diameter of the crankshaft and perhaps directing it rearward and flooding the rear chamber/cover. Also the rear bolt on cover appears to have excess dollops of silicon sealer projecting forward – could this be touching the rear of the oil coated slinger and also scraping off oil? Otherwise it looks good to me.

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