Turning good material into scrap with louvres

Hot day today so while it was still cool in the shed I thought I would try out my latest Ebay folly a set of louvre rollers that can be used on my bead roller. I have been on the fence about these for a while but they dropped to $100 delivered so I thought I would give them a try.

I wanted some louvres on the bonnet sides of the Austin 7 Special hoping they would help with the cooling and look cool as well, really what is a special without louvres? The problem I see with this method is keeping the louvre shape consistent as there are so many variables involved and one of them is me.

From the picture above the first four louvres were experimental with different numbers of passes through the rollers, then I tried to do four in a row by the same method as the fourth one. It worked OK and probably good enough for the Special although I may destroy a little more ali before I get to the main event.

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