Plugging the hole

After my last post Andrew replied that he has justifiably great faith in Bars Leaks as it’s held the leaks at bay on his Brush since 1992 which is not a bad recommendation. So I gave it a try although I lacked the intestinal fortitude to go for 5 bottles as suggested. After pouring it in and w20120711-193809.jpgaiting for 20 minutes the water was still showing no abatement so I cut my losses and emptied the radiator into a bucket for later and moved onto plan B.

This radiator has a fair bit of plan B already in situ so I felt a little more would not hurt. Plan B is epoxy putty, I have previously used it on the side of the road as a “get me home” repair after the fan and the radiator had a spat and although not yet lasting 20 years it’s showing no signs of failure.

Water weld

Luckily this is all happening on the back of the radiator so maybe I will do an upgrade and paint the putty black just in case a purist looks under the bonnet. Although as the product used is in French I can only assume it’s OEM Darracq.


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