Getting the Roadworthy

First off, a list.

  1. I don’t fit, seat needs to go back
  2. Brakes pulling to one side
  3. Rear blinkers are flashing red, should be amber.
  4. Steering lethal
  5. Thermo fan is not working

The drivers seat goes back until it jambs between the tunnel the rear wheel arch neither of which I can change, however the seat has this monster steel bracket that needs to visit the angle grinder also the seat tracks are crap so I have ordered some more the end result is about 100mm more leg room so I can now take it for a tootle around the shed. I probably should do the passenger side as well.

Both rear brakes are covered in diff oil, according to the Holy Book for Horneteers a lip seal conversion is the go, about $10 and a day’s work later it’s nearly fixed as alas the oil has swollen the brake boots and the cups are leaking as well so again according to the good book SWB rear early series Landrover cups are 1” and the boots with the aid of some heat shrink work as well….time passes waiting for supplies.

Bleeding the brakes turned into a nightmare as it looks like one of the front wheel cylinders is leaking as well, luckily there are spares from the landrover stuff.  Brakes are OK now but I suspect the residual pressure valve is kaput or even non-existent, It’s stopping OK but the pedal doesn’t feel great, this one to be continued.

I have used motorcycle indicators on other cars, but I was not that happy with their brilliance until now, these LED ones are really bright and nicely made so I will use these again.

Steering is terrible as you end up sawing your way around a corner, not pleasant. Obviously steering has been an issue as it has a modern damper fitted. As it happens it’s an easy fix as the drop arm is fixed to the steering box via a spline with a pinch bolt….which was loose, I’ve taken the damper off as well as this car needs a bit of lightness added. Checked toe-in and castor both in spec.

Thermo fan needs a waterproof fuse holder as the old fuse had corroded away. The roadworthy passed so now onto the tuning issues.

Mookie, always a help in the workshop
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4 Responses to Getting the Roadworthy

  1. Denis Basson says:

    Wolseley hornet
    A ghastly contraption I doubt you will ever like it



  2. Mike Pryce says:

    Dear Mark, like me, you have a large Bugatti sign in your workshop, but, like me, you don’t own a Bugatti (as far as I know). What is your excuse? Re the Hornet, take courage from the fact that you are not alone, as my son Evan and I face a continual barrage of similar comments. We are rebuilding a 1961 TreVoR Grantura. I think it’s been the most interesting (and challenging) project we have ever done. I look forward to offering our critics an opportunity to scare the daylights out of them when it’s finished. Yours in adversity, Mike.

  3. Mike Pryce says:

    PS –could we please have some info on the LED flashers, M.

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