She runs

After 52 Hours at a correctional facility the Sizaire crank has decided to go straight or I certainly hope so and after a week of doing penance planting trees, spraying weeds and other domestic deeds I have earned my pass to the shed.

The reassembly was straight forward the install was done as a unit by pulling it up through the bottom and all the lines connected with no problems. Now it has to be remembered that the car was running when I pulled it down so I was somewhat surprised when she kicked back on startup and would not run.

It seems that for the whole trip from Perth to Sydney the valve timing was one tooth out so I retimed the starting timer and the magneto so all should be good now. Well nearly, everytime I tried to crank it the starting dog slipped at compression, easily fixed by reforming the teeth with the angle grinder but what was the chance that she lasted exactly until the end of the trip but no more.

One pull on the crank and she started and at exactly the same time it started pouring with rain so a quick wet trip around the shed seems to confirm that she runs, will have to leave it until tomorrow for a proper test.

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3 Responses to She runs

  1. Warwick Brooks says:

    Good work!

    • Geoff says:

      Mark … BRAVO! We, too have (finally) done some shed work, and during the past week have managed to stir both the Sizaire as well as the IHC into running. The Citroen Club folk will be visiting next weekend, so I just hope both the cars behave themselves on the day.

  2. Andrew and Frances McDougall says:

    Good show. I am surprised about the timing. Does this mean 80 kph now? Was the run long enough to see if the oil leak is fixed?

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