Bug comes home

The good news is that I have at last sold the little red Citroen 5CV, the bad news is that I have replaced it with a little blue car that goes much faster from the same country, more on that later.

Earlier I reported that the Sizaire was all ready to go, however that has not proved to be the case as she steadfastly refuses to leave the property. On reflection there was some missing and hard starting getting close to Sydney so maybe she has a burnt exhaust valve or the spare maggy has followed it’s partner in forgetting to spark regularly. Andrew has lent me his mag so must get to that once the Blue car gets a little less demanding.

The Darracq radiator is out for a re-core so hopefully will be back in time for the run to South Australia in October but then again I could use the Blue car for that.

Lastly the SM is still crunching going into 3rd and 5th especially not good when I am trying to sell it. The weird thing is that before the engine rebuild there was no crunching, so what has changed? All I can think of is oil or clutch, I tried a synthetic oil however if anything that made it worse, I have now some straight 90 weight oil to try so fingers crossed if that does not work it’s transmission out time. No wonder my tastes have changed to Vintage/Veteran motoring.

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4 Responses to Bug comes home

  1. Geoff says:

    With all of that going on, I’m $peechle$$.
    BTW Mark, the Goolwa event is November 1st to 4th… unless you want to arrive early enough to continue sorting out the problem$.
    And I suppose it’ll be stringback gloves & reversed cloth cap while in The Blue Car?

  2. Darrell says:

    Lovely car. I want a ride!
    Geoff’s mention of the cloth cap reminded me that the Gordon Hat Shop (at Gordon of course) stocks “Bugatti” Caps – caps with flaps that can be lifted up and clipped together over the crown, or dropped down to wrap around the back off the head, and the ears, to clip together under the chin.

  3. Geoff says:

    Might it be possible to use this guy’s number plate on The Blue Car?
    He could perhaps then use one that says “Type 18.5” …

  4. Mark says:

    mmmm…. I saw that article and I cannot help agreeing with the club. For a start the cable brakes are brilliant, a work of art in fact. and they work as well as hydraulic. I can understand the engine from a money point of view but why a BMC gearbox. Yes Type 18.5 indeed. Had another look and it looks like the back end is too wide so probably the wrong axle also I assume the lovely Bugatti clutch is not in attendance to say nothing of the instruments (modern) so it’s a nice….MG?

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