19th Century House

On Wednesday we had a storm that uprooted trees and deroofed houses but luckily not ours. However we did lose the power so we are adapting to head torches, candles, and a generator when available to keep the fridge contents edible and the i-things charged so very 19th century.

Due to actually having to attend work and setup generators out on various hills and then keep them fed has meant that not much has happened in the now dark garage. The Bugatti radiator has returned from Jeff Edwards with some guarded comments about how it was put together and is now polished to a high standard and hopefully leak free. Jeff stated he could not read the newspaper in the reflection so much hand rubbing later you now can, so pop in any time you feel the need to catch up on the news. I’m not sure what we will do when guys like Jeff decide to retire.

Assuming the power comes back on tonight, tomorrow will be a big day.

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  1. Geoff says:

    Glad you all survived the storms Mark … we had the media here talking about 80 or so percent of SA’s power being provided by wind turbines during those same couple of days.
    Can’t vouch for the truth or otherwise of that, but just hope not too many folk were afflicted by low frequency sound generated ailments as a result.(wink…)
    Off today to Ipswich for the National Rally – good luck with the Bug clutch bug!

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