Sacré bleu

Today is Saturday but because of the Great Wind† I’ve just caught up with the stuff I was going to do Wed-Fri, that is get the Bugatti ready for Sunday….I always need to deadline.

Multi tasking is not my best attribute, I can think or I can do, together they get messy. For instance after getting the clutch in I then connected the throw out bearing then the “Cotton Reel” (shaft that connects the clutch to gearbox) then picked up the ring gear so had to remove the last two  so it took eight hours getting the clutch back in, hopefully this will be a record so the next time will be shorter.

With only the radiator to install I think I’m just about done so when I’m cleaning the cross member:

This crack goes all the way around, luckily the cross member bolts on so I removed it in two pieces (as the chassis was holding it together instead of the other way around) and used oxy to glue it together as I’m not much good at electric welding.

Found some fast drying paint and it’s done, the radiator is back in, the bonnet on and I had no extra bits left over which I must say is a first.

†Great Wind was so great that it blew 2 of the 3 cups off my anemometer thus ending my $99 weather station, may spend more next time.

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