Clutch solved

Took the Bug out this morning to the local car club’s Coffee Morning and arrived with a dragging clutch…Bugger.

Got talking to Mike Jacobson, Porsche guru telling him of my problem and how I seemed to be losing pedal travel at the same time. Mike’s answer was that it maybe the clutch fork is loose on the shaft and Mike was right, well nearly it was the lever that rotates the shaft. Why didn’t I think of that? This would have been a lot easier to fix with the clutch out but at least I now know what I will be doing for the next few afternoons.

On another note the gear stick seemed to be sitting further forward than usual … It’s cracked. This car must have done more miles than I thought.

This lever was only located on clutch throw out shaft with a weak interference fit, will get 6mm tapered cotter pin.

The broken gear lever, looks like it’s been welded before (badly)

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  1. Geoff says:

    Finished the Ipswich rally and after a leisurely couple of weeks return am back in front of the Home Screen. We trust your mechanical efforts over the last four weeks are bearing fruit?
    I’m about to gain a LOT of experience with beaded edge tyres as I have to change out four of them before the Goolwa event. I also have to try to sort out the engine on the beast, as it was sick as a dog – lots of surging and utterly lacking in power. If there’s a plus side to any of that of that I at least got lots of practice with gearchanging.

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