Spring Cleaning

Everyone should invite a car club to their garage at least once a year for a Garage Crawl, apart from the obvious opportunity to show off the real reason is that you at last will see a reason to clean up the junk you’ve been tripping over for the last year and maybe some serious rearranging that never seemed to happen otherwise. As I never got around to painting the floor I will abstain from eating off it but it’s not bad all the same, tomorrow they arrive.
As this is the first entry for some time you would be right thinking that I have been slacking off, the Bugatti is now running well, the Douglas survived a 3 day rally without mishap but the Sizaire is still waiting for some attention. So instead of methodically working through this problem I have removed the cylinder and am currently trying to remove the inlet valve cage so the hopefully burnt exhaust valve will be exposed. I really have no evidence to support this theory it’s just the way my brain seems to be working at the moment so have decided to enjoy the challenge of disassembling something that has not yet been pulled apart.
Here is a picture of how not to remove the valve cage with a slide hammer. Currently cylinder is resting on bench waiting for another random attack from yours truly.

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