Darracq and SM

Today I attempted to balance the brakes firstly by using a chunk of wood that I jam between the brake pedal and the seat moving the pedal by about an inch. Then I jacked the car up, the RF wheel was hard to move so I adjusted the LF to match and then did the same with the rears but not quite so. Drove the car up and down in front of the garage in the gravel jamming the brakes on….the LR Wheel locks so I back it off and try again, this goes on for a while until I finally go out on the road do an emergency stop and again the LR wheel locks, with smoke this time. I think it’s back to the drawing board for this one.

Also today I took the Citroen SM out for a run and it’s developed a rattle somewhere, which is worrying as I just had the engine rebuilt so that’s up on the hoist getting an oil change while I think of what the hell that noise is.

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