How hard can an oil change be?

On Monday I mentioned that I put the SM on the hoist and drained the oil. Well on Tuesday night while trying to get to sleep at about 12:30 I suddenly had a foreboding that leaving a car with hydro pneumatic suspension for a prolonged time draining the oil was going to be a bit messy. The problem is that I use an old bit of chipboard to straddle the hoists ramps then sit the oil drain pan on it, the SM holds 7 liters of oil, the pan only just fitted under the car so what happens when the SM goes flat. Laying in bed I envisioned how far 7 liters would spread on my nice unsealed concrete floor. Needless to say sleep was not happening so a nocturnal visit to the shed was required.

In my addled state I was trying to figure my way around the catch 22 of how to raise the car when it needs the engine running to do that, but it has no oil in it and no way to put the sump plug back in. On arrival the car was flat as a tack, the chipboard was very bowed but not broken so all was well. Looking at the hoist I realized it has hydraulic jacking pads mid way along each ramp so by pressing the right buttons the car was lifted off it’s wheels and more importantly off the oil drain pan.

The question is why didn’t I think of this while I was draining the oil instead of after midnight 2 days later?

Found exhaust manifold flange joints loose could explain the rattling.

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  1. Geoff says:

    Oh dear oh dear oh dear…..

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