So far so good

The last week has been spent on the road in the Type 37 going to a French car rally in South Australia with the usual suspects. This is not to be confused with a real car rally where cars actually compete, we travel on good roads that happen to lead to good restaurants and so far nothing major has fallen off.
So far:
Many unidentified nuts and bolts have gathered in the under tray however everything still seems to be working so maybe it’s just like a fad diet.
The magneto should be held by a nice over-centre clip, mine has a hose clip that inevitably comes loose and retards the ignition.
The fuel pump works too well.
I have fouled a set of spark plugs so have bought a hotter set,
Bob has told me my steering is loose and I have to agree with him.
Oil… See below

There is no oil crisis in the Bugatti, although it only holds about 6 litres I’m sure it’s leaked more. In particular someone has drilled a handy vent hole in the gearbox filler, this works like an oil mister coating everything inside the car with a fine protective film including myself and even the inside of the aero screens. Then there is the rear main seal? I’m not really sure it has one so it has been suggested that I put a nappy under the clutch tray as a way of preventing oil logging of passengers feet sort of like one of those flood mitigation dams the water boards seem so fond of.

Otherwise the car still goes, stops and corners what else do you need?



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  1. Geoff says:

    I thought the protocol for foody photos was to delay taking a bite ’til after the shot has been taken?

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