Cracks and more cracks

We started with a small crack around the bolt hole as you can see in the photo a much larger crack (now brazed) has appeared, Colin admits it may have been a result of the heat applied to repair the first crack even though the whole thing was thoroughly preheated with a large blow torch. The final job was done in Colin’s forge, in good old fashion coals, at least there is less to rust now.

The bolt (second photo) that holds the water jacket onto the head has been remade and hopefully will last another 100 years and lastly I took a guess on the engine colour and ended up about half a colour card out,  it was blue, I think it will count as primer.

Went and had a look at what will hopefully be my next project a 1928 500cc Rudge Special, it is the first model with a saddle tank, 8” drum brakes and the usual Rudge stuff like 4 speed gearbox and 4 valve head so should get along very nicely. They originally came with a plate under the barrel to lower the compression….I wonder how many people left that intact?

Unfortunately we are being invaded by blackberries, scotch thistles and the grass will not stop growing so little to report of actual work done by me, I have moved the engine crane close to the Sizaire to give the impression that something is happening on the shed cam.

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  1. Ian haughton says:

    Bummer about those blackberries. Our lawn is enough to keep me busy. Let alone a whole farm.

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