Winter Warm Up

Winter is just about here, perfect weather to be in the shed and as it happens the cars all seem to agree. The Citroen has sprung a leak in the radiator, the Sizaire needs its clutch pulled apart as its wobbling all over the shop, the Douglas front brake has only servile* rather than servo action  and like a spoiled child the Bug has decided on a long confinement in case I get any ideas about spending time with its siblings.

The Bugatti clutch after originally giving me grief has been faultless, but when I last pulled the covers off to do the 1000km adjustment  I noticed brass filings in a nice arc on the inside of the cover and here is the mystery.  As you can see in the picture below the clutch output flange clearance has closed up (there was clearance before)  and is grinding on the brass tube the clutch mechanism slides on. For this to happen either the engine has moved or the crankshaft has lots of end float or the gearbox has moved or the gearbox  input shaft has moved forward or the spigot bearing is collapsing and pushing the clutch shaft back. I would put money on the last couple but I would be in real trouble former possibilities come to roost.

The other problem this has created is that the gearbox will now have to be removed as there is not enough clearance to remove the “Cotton Reel” (short flanged shaft between clutch and gearbox). Where did that clearance go? Send in your guesses and I will get a bit oilier tomorrow and hopefully come up with an answer..or not.

* Doug Kephart


Incontinent Citroen with friends waiting in vain for attention.

flange clearance

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