A Bit Sunny for Winter and Other Excuses

It has been some time since my last confession, no excuses really although the Bugatti is still dissected waiting some small but vital parts, the Douglas is still front brakeless, the Lotus is nearly ready to be registered, the Sizaire and Citroen have not been touched.

The Bugatti winter refurb has dragged on a little, after taking off the scuttle body work, so much was revealed that hitherto I had been ignorant.  Winter was to be spent fixing small stuff like the tacho which was about 25mm out of line with the pulley that drives it.  A fare portion of the wiring was unfused and not protected from chafing, the bake pedal sat too far back so I made new stops and shimmed the shoes.

New front wheel bearings as one side was sealed the other not, both with a bit too much play. New clutch through bolts, new cotton reel bolts, gearbox input flange reattached and pinned with a roll pin this time and lastly I am putting the engine oil system back to standard by removing the Toyota spin-on filter that was mounted under the dash. I am currently waiting for some solder-on brass nipples to go on the ends of the copper tubing, hopefully finished next week or at least by Spring.

Did I mention a Lotus earlier? Well I have sold the Darracq back to Warrick and thought I would replace it with another vintage tourer, then I really could not think of anything that would not feel a bit woolly after the Bugatti so decided on the modern day GP Bug …a Lotus Elise, weighs the same, about the same dimensions and a whole lot of fun.  This could be construed as a bit late for a  mid life crisis.


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2 Responses to A Bit Sunny for Winter and Other Excuses

  1. Geoff Chennells says:

    Lotus? … WHAT Lotus!?!?!!!!

  2. Geoff Chennells says:

    Addendum to that last – how about a Caterham Seven as the Bug feel-alike?

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