Mismatched Set

Part of my Bugatti essential gear has always been ear plugs they have saved me money and sleep, however since the crown wheel and pinion replacement they have become optional with it appears disastrous consequences in money and sleep.

On a run back from lunch the other day I was stuck on the freeway at freeway speeds without earplugs so plenty of time to ruminate over the exhaust note that was not the sweet purr it had been with plugs, sounded rough so for some reason I have come to the conclusion that the carburettors are not synchronised.  Type 37’s came with one carb, mine has two, they are the barrel type Solex like the single one but smaller.

Here is a quote from the Solex handbook: “We would remark that more than fifty patents have been taken out in all countries to protect the details of construction, and our trade mark SOLEX is registered in all civilised countries.”

I have enclosed a photo of the two throttle barrels you will note that Australia may not be included in the “Civilised” countries from the workmanship. I can imagine that WOT works but who knows what is happening at partial openings.

Know anyone with a 30mm Solex throttle barrel (actual diameter 38mm)?

IMG_2511 Throttle barrels

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6 Responses to Mismatched Set

  1. Geoff Chennells says:


  2. Grant says:

    Oh dear! That’s going to take more than a light dress with a file…
    On lesser cars, which as you know is everything else, we’d tend to reach for a pair of SU’s. What a pity EB never tried them.

    • Mark says:

      Yes a couple of SUs would do the trick but I think a pair of brass ones would be as hard to find. I have just found a down draught Solex of the right dimenions in New Zealand so hopefully the barrel will swap over.

      It is amazing what can be got away with though, that barrel has been in place for 8 years at least, I only noticed something amiss when I replaced the shrieking differential letting me hear the exhaust again.



      • Grant says:

        It’s the old old story, fix one thing and half-a-dozen more rear up staring at you!

        • Mark says:

          Solex arrived and it’s the wrong size and would you believe has the same sort of barrel ….maybe some came like this, the added turbulence may have done something. Anyway I still have odd carburettors.

          • Grant says:

            Well, there’s a few barrel throttle Solexes for sale on Pre War Car if you get desperate. Often for silly prices though…

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