Right is Wrong?

In my last post I was bemoaning the fact that I had a dodgey throttle barrel, it looked like it was half finished and did not match the other smooth one at all.  I found a downdraft  carburettor on Prewar Car thinking I would use the barrel out of it.  Unfortunately it was the wrong size but also it had a throttle barrel like the jagged “wrong” one I already had.  Here is a picture of another carburettor on Ebay like the one from Prewar Car.

solex throttle
So it looks like this type of barrel is legit. The problem is I have already “fixed” my barrel (I think the previous owner had already filed it a bit as it was not quite like the one in the picture).  So I need two barrels like the picture or one smooth one if they exist or put a 35mm single carburettor on like it was from the factory.

Better still I will just go back to using earplugs.

On further inspection the barrel in the picture is radically different, my jagged barrel looks so because all the tangs in the picture had been broken off to approximate the shape of the smooth one. I think the above type would give a smoother transition coming just off idle so I assume it’s a later design.

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  1. Tom Newsome says:

    I know these carbs are fitted to the Citroen 5CV . Early ones had these barrels , later ones had butterflies. Beware that the barrel can be fitted two ways – 180 degrees around. One is correct and the other in not. Both ways work but one is not very good.
    Main problem I found with this carburettor is the jet in the emulsion tube.
    The jets wear bigger but the air holes get smaller due to longitudinal pressure. Re-drill these for a big improvement or they run too rich.

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