Where to start.  Ah yes the Solexs, I have been in luck.  Went to Bendigo Swap and as usual walked for about 6 hours and saw precious little but caught up with many like minded friends who were doing a similar fruitless exercise.  Andrew my fellow hiker needed to attend a meeting so I decided to spend the time looking through some stalls in what is usually a wasteland and it was, except for an oasis of European vintage parts with amongst other things two 30mm barrel type Solexs. Of course the gentleman knew his prices and the fact I was desperate so no bargain but a good result for Bendigo.

IMG_2877Alas the new carburettor, air fuel meter and the balance thingummy  are waiting in vain, as I have been distracted  by another project.  It’s everything the Bugatti isn’t, slow, comfortable, large and English. No it’s not a Bentley but a Sunbeam.  Laurie the previous and second owner had the car for 45 years, I don’t have 45 years in me so will have to settle for less.

IMG_3827The car is a 1928 20.9Hp tourer with its original Sunbeam body.  I’m not sure why they didn’t just call it a 21Hp as it was taxed as such.  The colour is white which makes it look enormous so it will get a respray in a more slimming colour and definitely black mudguards. I’ve given it a compression test and they are all about 120psi so no problems there.  An ever expanding  to-do list and apart from new tyres it’s mostly small stuff for now.

IMG_2861Oh yes one more thing.  To pay for all this new stuff and to comply with garage policy edict 265B one toy goes for one toy gained so the Emblem has drawn the short straw. The consolation is after very little tinkering it runs although I think I was a little over zealous with the oil supply.

Now I must go attend my other distractions: Blackberries, Scotch Thistles and the bloody lawn.

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