The Radiator That Doesn’t

Warm weather at last and the Sunbeam has past her inspections and has a nice new set of tyres so last Sunday we thought a 35Km trip to Andy’s (Jinks Creek Winery) would make a fine second maiden voyage for the Sunbeam as she failed to proceed during the first so it did not count.  Also I read in the newspaper this week 1 in 200 first mothers in the USA claim a virgin birth so the Sunbeam can definitely have a second maiden voyage.

Like most voyages this one involved getting wet, not from any sort of precipitation from the heavens but more a local gushing from the radiator, I bid consider turning on the wipers at one point. Luckily we were completely ignorant of the severity of the situation as the Sunbeam does not have a temperature gauge.

The car sitting around with little use and no inhibitor has taken it’s toll.  Back in the shed the next day I ran her for 10 minutes at a fast idle and only the right most 100mm of the radiator was warm so today another nice day I got drenched trying to dislodge rust flakes with water and compressed air:

IMG_2999  As I have missed the Christmas message, have a Happy New Year and I hope you did have a merry Christmas.


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  1. John A says:

    It could have been worse – spiders, snakes etc.

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