The hazards of a clean car

Two lunches of note this weekend, Dave Robbo organised Saturday at Du Fermier Trentham the weather was a little warm at 34°C so the only brave souls were Richard and Judy in the 20/60 Sunbeam, shaming the rest of us in our air conditioned appliances.  The food was good, so was the wine and the company was not bad either.  The cool change arrived as we left the restaurant so bravery has its rewards.

Sunday I was determined to get the Sunbeam finished for the test run/lunch  to Jinks Creek Winery this time organised by Des.  So up early to man handle the radiator back into the car, this is easier said than done as firstly it is very heavy and secondly the headlight bar does not come off without far too much effort so the bloody thing has to be lifted up to about head (my head) height then jiggled around past the fan.  New radiator hoses fitted and Sue lost one of her stockings to a good cause as a filter for the top hose.

This brief description glosses over  my ineptitude as most of it had to done at least twice so it was not ready to go until 12:30.  I had half an hour to have a shower and wash the car, it was not a great wash but looked much better for it, the same could not be said about myself.  Sue is ready so let’s go, or not,   high voltages and water do not seem to mix.

Plan B (for Bugatti) started straight away and seemed to forgive my attentions latterly being dominated by an overweight English pretender.  Like on Saturday the Food, Wine and company were great and when we got home I learned a bit more about magnetos (BTH in particular) and will attend to some basic water proofing at some later and no doubt wetter time.

Lastly went for a quick spin around the block with no boiling, I then let it idle and shot the radiator with the IR temperature gun and the temps are even across with about a 20°C gradient top to bottom.  All in all not a bad weekend.

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