1925 Series 6 Lancia Lambda

Chassis No. 14379 was completed in Turin on 14th November 1925. 6th Series Torpedo tourer. Original Engine No. 4437 Original Gearbox No. 1328 Original Diff. No. 4463
Sold new by Shields Motor Co. Melbourne. Early ownership details (including first owner) unknown, but there have been 6 known owners and during their ownership the colour changed from green to maroon, the small 6 series brakes have been updated to the larger 7 series ones and like so many Lambdas the engine has been replaced this time with the larger 7th series (Tipo 78) Engine No. 6094.

The car has spent 60 of it’s 90 years in Victoria where it has returned.  I have been very fortunate that the previous owner Stuart Paton restored and used the car for 30 years and left me with a very well sorted car, thanks Stuart.


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