Bosch Magneto Veteran Era great site for documentation on old Bosch magnetos

Vintagent a great vintage motorcycle site.

Barnstormers a rather eccentric Kiwi motorcycle site.

Car and Classic UK great car classifieds to drool over.

GSCCR my local car club.

Narrywoolan a site about all sorts of things including the Lancia Aprilia.

Prewar Car the site for old cars and parts.

Vintage Knowledge, hints and tips section is worth a look.

Bronze and brass fasteners

Classic fasteners good Aussie site will send small quantities.

Restoration Supply Company good general car hardware (US)

Paul Beck Vintage Supplies parts for proper cars

Classic Dynamo & Regulator Conversions also LED lamps

Australian Lancia Register The Australian Lancia Club

Delage Club of Australia The Australian Delage Club

The London Douglas Motorcycle Club

Les Anciennes Looking for an old Froggy Car, this could be the place.

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