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  1. Peter Ransom says:

    A couple of years ago we ran what we called the Gravity Rally. It consisted of a group of vintage car types loading their vehicles onto the Sunlander train in Brisbane and offloading in Cairns. I can report that wine supplies on the train were limited – we cleaned ’em out, despite the rather average quality of the offerings.

    The driving part of the event consisted of heading in a generally southerly direction, taking advantage of the natural forces that prevail in Queensland – fair weather, fairer winds and of course the gravitational pull that drags everything back to the state’s south east. It worked a treat!

    So I dunno – driving uphill all the way to Darwin. That seems like hard work.

    • Geoff says:

      Peter … I like your rallying philosophy! Too bad about the average quality wines but. Think, though, what awaits in 2014 after gravitating through South Australia’s Clare and Barossa Valleys – should you overshoot Birdwood & the Adelaide Hills wineries – you end up among the full bodied reds of Mclaren Vale! Now there’s a prospect..!

      • Geoff says:

        AARGH! I’ve just learnt that it IS going to be Adelaide to Darwin – which means we’ll have no option other than to drink UPhill all the way!

  2. Bob King says:

    Mark, The Type 37 looks much better on the new wheels and tyres – if it still bump steers there is something wrong (?shock absorbers). Speak to me if it continues. My 35 bump steered once in SA (bumpy roads) while going fast round a 55kmh (advisory) down hill corner in angel gear – there is a message there. I have never got into third gear quicker – fortunately in a Bugatti you can just grab it; no need for double de-clutch etc.

  3. Kjeld Jessen says:

    1. Mark, are you well? I have not been in touch with you for some time . . . .

    2. Bob King, if you see this please send your e-mail address to me, or


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