Ernest Archdeacon

Denis Basson sent me this, I think it’s from Wikipedia. The pictures are worth some study. The thing that looks like a steering wheel is in fact a starter?

In 1906 Archdeacon commissioned a propeller-driven motorcycle, the Aéromotocyclette Anzani, which achieved a timed speed of 79.5 kilometres per hour at Achères-la-Forêt.[18][19] This aéromotocyclette, based on a ‘Buchet‘ motorcycle,[20] was equipped with a 6-horsepower Anzani engine driving a propeller mounted on a 1.5 m (4.9 ft) steel tube.[19][18][20] There is no evidence that he applied for a patent. More about this Guy Here.

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Fulvia progress

This is just a short post to see if I can link a folder in Google Photos to this site.

Here is where the Fulvia is up to as of a few days ago:

Fresh out of the Spray booth the colour is Volvo Rebel Blue the closest to the original we could find.

Here are all the photos of the Fulvia in date order leading up to this point if you have a few hours to waste:

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Socially Distanced Aurelia Arrives

Earlier this year I was given a Lancia Aurelia B10 but as it was located in South Australia it was not until the first weekend in December that I was allowed to go get it. You may not know what a B10 looks like as it doesn’t get the publicity of it’s younger sister the B20 Coupe. 

Here is a picture of a B10:

The B10 was a very conservatively styled postwar saloon but as with most Lancias, the magic was under the skin. It was the first  V6 car, up until then no one had figured out that the “V” angle needed to be 60 degrees and the crank needed 6 throws among other things to get a smooth running V6.  If you look under the bonnet of my B10 you will not find the engine as it has been reduced to its component parts and is currently residing where the back seat should be.  I think this is the reason it went off the road.  Another mechanical first was the rear suspension that a decade or so later Mecedes, BMW and Triumph thought they invented, it has the transaxle at the rear and the Lancia favourite, Sliding Pillar front end so a bit of old and new. 

Here is my car:

Aurelia being ignored by the other projects

The car seems to be all there and not rusty. It will need a repaint, it was originally black, discussions are currently in play with Mistress Susan as to the colours she can live with.  It will need to be retrimmed as it has been previously trimmed in vinyl  so will be going back to cloth and lastly it will need an engine rebuild and mechanical refresh which is the only part that I will get involved in.  Unlike the Fulvia, the body is sound so maybe it will only be a matter of five easy monthly payments instead of thirteen.

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