Paint it black

Week started well with the local club’s Breakfast Club click here for details.  This event we run on the second Sunday of each month and generally get 50-90 cars of all sorts, starts 7:30 ends 10:00 so it does not mess with your day.

Andrew’s Cox and McDougall visited on different days to inspect the Lambda and I think it passed the muster.

Thursday was a rainy motoring lunch so nothing the other side of the year 2000 turned up, Bob did drive the Alfa 156 that although not vintage was fitted with tyres that gave it equivalent grip.

Thursday evening went to Peter’s celebration of 50 years ownership of the 30/98 Vauxhall (OE 23?) lovely two wheel braked car and a great night with old cars, wine, friends and particularly well bbqed chipolatas   I think most early series cars are better looking than those that followed, Lambdas included, in the case of 30/98’s the inclusion of front brakes just made things more complicated, added to the unsprung weight and I’m not sure if retardation was much improved.

Friday I attempted to finish the interior colour change on the Lambda but thought better of doing the passenger door trim as we were going to the VSCC picnic that night and was not sure if I should use Sue as a colour fastness tester, so colour mostly changed.  Also this time followed instructions and used gloves, might start wearing them all the time and save some hand cleaner.


Lastly I have attached a photo of the Lambda brake drum, as you can see it’s marked RIGHT …..Why? This is not a test I just do not know why, any suggestions?


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2 Responses to Paint it black

  1. Geoff says:

    Back in the 60’s a mate who had a TR2 doubted the story that knock-off hubs could auto unlock if fitted to the wrong side. So he tried it out, swapping fronts over one side to the other.
    He found that it was more than just a rumour. Luckily without serious damage.
    Weird thing is that Chrysler used left and right handed wheel nuts – just to be on the super safe side..?

  2. Mark says:

    Yes you are right, It states in the owners manual that they are marked so you do not mix them up…..even though they are bolted to the hubs so could still be mixed up. Maybe an early Health and Safety warning that makes about as much sense as the present ones.

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