Incontinence Non

It was a lovely day today so what better way to spend it than putting the Darracq back together. As you can see in the photo I’ve drilled a hole that hopefully will drain the slinger. I had to be very careful with the Three Bond as too much could reek havoc with the slinger and may block the new hole, anyway I will have to go on a long drive and then find a pristine place to park.
Other news, Colin called and the Siz crank is now a unit and straighter than an arrow so only the main bearing bushes to do now. Earlier Colin did comment that he thought it strange that the front part of the crankshaft was running true while the rest was so far out, I assumed this was some clever Gallic auto compensation system but alas when the rest was straightened the front did not compensate so it had to coerced into line also.


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