Incontinence Oui

I’m glad the Darracq has only oil and water to leak as it seems I have plugged the former only to uncork the latter.
This morning being the second Sunday of the month was the local club’s coffee morning and as it was white with frost the perfect time for taking an open car for a spin. Apart from a touch of exposure the trip to Warragul went well with no oil leaks although in the past it needed something more than 12 km to really show.

The real problem appeared on arrival back home and on inspection the radiator had sprung another leak.  This is the third leak the first being when the fan pedestal broke and pitched the fan into the radiator, fixed with epoxy chewing gum, the second on the same day as the first but from natural causes fixed with stop leak in a bottle and now this one, it may be time for a new core. Not sure how to finance this one as I’ve already sold the children.

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  1. Andrew and Frances McDougall says:

    May be worthwhile trying some more magic potion. Remember the Brush radiator leaked like a sieve when first filled in December 1989 and after 5 cans of bars leaks it hasn’t lost a drop of water since and what’s more it appears to cool efficiently.
    Possibly good news about the oil leakage – I certainly hope you have been successful.
    You better get cracking and create more children for future sale!

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