Sink or Swim

Happy new year, at last the blackberries and the grass are in retreat so the shed beckons once more, so today I thought it was time to tempt the Sizaire out of the shed where she has been malingering on the pretext that carrying a couple of middle aged blokes across Australia was quite enough for a 100 year old, however that was last year so time to be a beast of burden once more.

If you have been reading my previous posts you would know that I have had no luck getting the Siz to start or run very well and I have been trying all sorts of stuff to remedy this without success. Today that all changed even though it has been said by some “that most fuel problems are really ignition problems” in this case it really was fuel and when you have a carby as simple as the Siz what can go wrong? The float weighed in at 64g, after I drilled a hole in it and emptied the fuel out and soldered it up again it weighed 51g so more submarine than float.

I went out for a run and the Siz is running beautifully although that made another problem more apparent as pulling on the brake lever did not really have the desired effect.  Up on the hoist revealed that part of the braking system must have fallen off somewhere between Perth and Sydney due to a dodgy weld also the left hand wheel bearing seal was chewed out so LH  brake shoes were coated in 250W oil, I suppose the trip was more about going than stopping.

Andrew and Geoff have put modern seals on their Sizaires so I should probably do the same although the felt seal on the RH side is still doing a stirling job but where to get felt?

IMG_1716b IMG_1719b

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  1. Peter Ransom says:

    Hi Mark,

    I run the VCCA(Q) web site in which there’s a small but slowly expanding growing “Fail to Proceed” section ( It works on the basis that everybody likes to have a laugh at the other bloke’s misfortune, but not too loudly because they know damn well that something similar will happen to them before too long. Your brake pictures would fit nicely, though I suppose “fail to retard” might be a more appropriate grouping. May I use them?

    Cheers.. Peter

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