Win some lose some

Hot one today so slothful enterprises only.

Received in the mail today a wheel centre for the Bug from Peter from Richards Bros Cardiff, Wales.  Peter was worried that the wire wheels I have ordered may not fit so decided to send out a centre for a trial fit and he was half right, the fronts are OK the rears are too tight a fit on my splines.  So I could:

  1. Put the new 2.5″ (narrow) wheels on the front and leave to old 4″ (fatties) on the back for the hotrod look.
  2. Send the rear splines to Richards Bros. to get machined to fit the wheels.
  3.  Don’t do anything for now and save up for some alloy blade wheels?  Bugatti’s do look good with those wheels…….

While on the Bugatti, I took it out on a local club  “Cento Miglia” Economy Run and achieved 30MPG which is exactly what Ettore said it would do, very prescient of him.  Also I noticed that my VDO Car/Bike speedo seemed to be missing, I immediately thought this was some sort Franco/German problem, however really it appeared to coincide with a grinding- rubbing noise, unfortunately it had fallen into a gap between the seat and the alternator pulley guard, photo attached.

The Sizaire now has modern seals in the rear hubs after I discovered the RH housing was a recent fabrication so it did not seem so bad machining the centre out to put seals in.  I have also welded a replacement bracket on the RHS brakes, hopefully a better weld than the Blu-tack previously applied. The bracket is not absolutely necessary for retardation ….. in a forward direction anyway.

Lastly sorry about all the arrows and captions in the photos as I’ve just discovered the “Skitch”  app on my iphone.
IMG_2750 IMG_2751 IMG_2752IMG_1769

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2 Responses to Win some lose some

  1. Geoff says:

    I take it the reason for your Sizaire axle having TWO cotter pin slots is ’cause it’s twice as powerful as all the others…?

    • Mark says:

      No idea. Maybe its the handling mod where you reverse the wheels to a wider track but no brakes.

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