Getting to the clutch of the matter

GP Bugatti’s all had the same clutch so my 60hp Type 37 should not give it too much trouble one would think. Although I am coming to the conclusion the problem may be between my ears.

A little more explanation perhaps….

This wonderful drawing came from “The Autocar” July 9th 1926 and is the best one I have found so far. Basically the clutch is engaged with an over-centre toggle B-A-B an external spring nearly gets it to that  position, centrifugal force does the rest. The little bell cranks push on pins that push the clutch pack together. Bugattis originally came with wet clutches, mine has been converted to dry so it probably does not still have 9 plates maybe only 3.

I need to do four things:

  1. Dismantle down to the clutch plates and clean out the dust which is probably causing me grief.
  2. As I’m at the end of my adjustment I will need to get longer pins.
  3. Modify adjusting nut (c) so it has 12 detent stops instead of 6.
  4. Get the radiator fixed.
  5. Hope that nothing else is wrong.

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2 Responses to Getting to the clutch of the matter

  1. Geoff says:

    OH dear … well, it’s a Bug, after all – so ’tis understandable it might have one or two of same. Here’s hoping not too many difficulties in the rectification process.
    Um … perhaps your radiator reconstruction man could offer bulk discount on multiple jobs, what with economies of scale, and all that sort of thing?

  2. Mark says:

    Spent an hour today with Jeff the radiator man mainly looking at the Darracq radiator that unfortunately was recored in the 80’s and repaired many times by the look of it over it’s long life a sort of jigsaw in nickel silver. Luckily like most of the car the Bug’s radiator is new so should not be too much of a worry. Children have run away so no chance of selling them again.

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